29 ....(1/2) Weeks

Time is slowly 'flying' by. I am so excited because I am almost 30 weeks! HOLLA. in 10 days I will be in single digits as far as weeks go). I now go to the doctor every two weeks instead of every four, which is awesome because 4 weeks feels SO long. Here are my quick stats for my own record. :)
How far along? 29.5 weeks

Size of the babe? Acorn Squash or 15.2-16.7 inches... Getting big!

Weight gain? about 25 pounds. Eek. but whatever I guess! I have decided as much as i try to work out or eat good, i can't control what stays and what goes. :)

Maternity Clothes? umm.. duh. I can still wear my pants (holla!) but its not worth the pain of the 'button'. So i have resorted to my two pairs of maternity jeans, occasional leggings, or an awesome pair of jeggings that i still fit and are comfy to wear. Shirts are harder to wear so I have bought a few maternity shirts... but seriously.... maternity clothes just suck all around.

Sleep? pretty good still! I consider myself lucky. My body is usually pretty achy by bedtime, and laying down is starting to not feel as relieving as it used to. I sleep on my side (which i am not used to), and i can feel baby girl sitting right on my hip bone.. which is just so pleasant! HA!  I can still usually (about 80% of the time) sleep through the night with out waking up to go to the bathroom. Thanks to the help of my Essential oils... seriously things things are my saving grace! Tranquil is my current favorite. I do wake up more than i am used to, but typically it is easy to fall back asleep. I have had a few days where i wake up around 5:30 and cannot for the life of me fall back asleep. So that's annoying, but hey! It's all good.

Cravings?  Soft serve ice cream... BUT I have only given into this craving 3 (maybe 4?) times in the past few weeks.. not too shabby. :) Mostly i am just always hungry.

Baby movement? Always! She is getting more cramped in there, so I don't necessarily feel 'kicks', just lots of rolling and the occasional hiccups. ;)

Challenge this week? Everyday I wake up dreading standing up. My lower back is pretty sore, but it is manageable. Most of my pain is low in my front hip area.. below my belly button and sort of in my leg groin muscle. There have been a few days I couldn't even walk! I went in to see the doctor about the pain, and he concluded that it was a pulled groin muscle that most likely wont heal until after the baby comes. I probably did it while we were moving! BUMMER. I passed my glucose test, but i have to be on iron supplements.. which sort of sucks cuz they give me a nasty stomach ache.

Best moment this week? Passing my glucose test. AND I just always love feeling her move. It makes me sooo happy.

Nursery?... We are getting there. I bought the cutest canvas saying at Hobby Lobby that i love so much! I ordered the mattress (it's supposed to come today!) and later this week I am finally deciding on bedding. :)


  1. You are so cute. And almost in the final stretch!! I'm so so so excited for you.

  2. You look great and don't worry about the weight as long as you're eating healthy, it will come off pretty fast, I was surprised. I loved gap maternity and asos maternity.


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