Happy Birthday My Dear

February 8th is my favorite person's birthday. I had been in Nashville and got home on his birthday. I totally dropped the ball on prepping for his birthday before I left, which made for a pretty lame birthday celebration. Instead, we opted for family and a few friends to come over for cake and ice cream on the 9th. It is always so great to gather with friends and family to celebrate a loved one.

I have been celebrating Ammon's birthday with him since he was 22! (We might have missed his 23rd but I am not sure) Is that crazy or what? Anyway my dear, I LOVE you so much.. I just wish there were words that actually described my deep love for you. I constantly think... "i love you" is just not enough. I am so blessed to have spent another YEAR with you. I hope we can make year 27 the best year for you YET!
The cake i made for Ammon on his 22nd birthday! 

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