Good Bye Sissy

Ya know, having siblings leave on missions just sucks. I understand the need (and am extremely grateful for it too), but it still doesn't really take away the sting of having a sibling leave for 28-24 months and having little to no communication.

Kali left this morning.

I don't feel like it has hit me yet that she is gone, and I have already gone to text her TWICE today. I am screwed. I hate that it seems like I get the closest to my siblings right BEFORE they leave on their missions. It's unfortunate and a blessing all in one.
at the Airport at 5:00 AM this morning. Woof.

I am so proud of Kalinee. She is going to be an amazing missionary. She gave an awesome farewell talk in church and has one of the most solid testimonies. She has such a light about her, and she is SO excited to serve a mission. The 'Kalinee' type of excitement is what made she and I not see 'eye-to-eye' for so long (she was a little too dramatic and over the top for me), but I am soo grateful for that excitement and energy now. I have come to appreciate who Kali is and what she is all about. She is going to bless so many people!
This picture is just for your viewing pleasure. 

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