Red Sox vs Yankees

Ever since I was little I have loved baseball. I remember as a toddler watching my dad play in his softball leagues, then all growing up every weekend was filled watching my brothers play ball while my dad coached. Some people don't get that my love for baseball did not start when I met Ammon. :)

I fell in love with Ammon watching him play baseball. That kid I tell you is one of the best shortstop's I have ever seen play the game. I will forever cherish the many days and times spent at the ball field watching Am play. 

Obviously, baseball has now turned into a thing we like to do together! I can't tell you how bad I flipped out when Am surprised me with tickets to the Red Sox Yankee's game at Fenway. We had planned our trip around a few different aspects (mostly when it was convenient for our family to have us visit), but secretly I reallyyyy wanted to try to catch a game at fenway during our time out East. We didn't think it was a smart possibility since ticket prices were off the wall, but somehow Am managed to surprise me! The game was definitely one of the MANY highlights of our trip. 
The game! 
Checking out the field the day after the game.
The oldest baseball field in America!

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  1. Looks so fun! Those games have such a fun feel to them! xo


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