An Explanation of Absence and pics

In case you were wondering why I have been completely M.I.A lately it's because of a few things...
1. working at ydraw 35-40ish hours a week
2. coaching high school soccer.. takes about 25 isn hours a week (done after work at ydraw)
3. planning bridal showers and other fun things like halloween decor for the house (ps halloween is my fav)
4. attempting to keep up on housework (ammon is like mr mom right now)
5. trying to decorate and find cute new pillows/curtains for my family room
6. still playing catch up from our vacation.. I swear until last night there was laundry all over my house
7. trying to organize our pics from the trip so I can post them
8. entertaining friends when they come stay for the weekend (our favorite)
9. training for my marathon in 17 days. WAYY too time consuming. (training only really happens on saturday mornings.. I am so stupid, it's true. I run 20 miles this saturday and may or may not die) pray for me.
10. Freaking out about my cute missionary brother who gets home in 5.5 weeks! WAHHH. ladies line up.
11. working on preparing for the primary program on SUNDAY
12. planning a talk for a youth fireside Am and I were asked to speak at... eek.
13. brainstorming something fun to do (to tease ammon) for the Utah BYU game.. I want to dye all of ammon's clothes red. (jk, obviously.. really he would die).
14. planning a trip to idaho next week.
15. trying to keep sane while all this is going on... somewhat working for me.

Honestly it is really weird... I am so much better off when I am busy and have a lot more going on. Coaching soccer has been the biggest blessing and I have come to really love the busy lifestyle we are living right now. I am making it my goal to blog more, but in the meantime enjoy a few pics.
fishin with friends
Demo Derby with more friends
Fenway with the hubs
hiking with the fam and Madi :)
welcome to me in all my morning glory. This was my accidental shirt I wore on the day of the BYU  vs Texas game
little things to make ammon glad he married me :) 
Rodeo with our visitors! :)


  1. 5.5 weeks?!?! he's already coming home?!?!?! that went by so fast!! you know what you should do... take all his blue shirts and hide them somewhere and then buy some cheap-o red ones somewhere (walmart maybe?) and put those in the closet so anything blue he owns is gone and red is all he can choose from.

  2. I'm missing your posts, so you should definitely be better about that :) such exciting things! When we were in Zion we thought about telling you guys to come up and do a hike with us but forgot! Next year.


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