Let's talk Texting

Today I was thinking about texting. And well, a funny story came to mind that reminded me of another story..something so awkwardly hilarious that I just had to tell both stories on the blog so I never forget.

Ammon and I broke up 4 months previous to this story. At the time I was dating the boy I had dated in high school and things were going great. I hadn't spoken to Ammon at all in those 4 months with the exception of one text when I arrived home from my one month trip to Kenya, London, and Italy. So I'll be honest and say Ammon was not on my mind at this point in time.. not one single bit. Wellll.. one day I look down at my phone and I had received a text message from Ammon. Shocked, I opened the message to see that it was a picture message. .....the picture was of the Draper Temple. I found it extremely odd, and kind of uncomfortable to be honest. Ammon and I had previously spoken about his desire to want to get married in the Draper temple so his mission president could be his sealer someday. Obviously I was taken back to say the least. Not 2 seconds later I got another text from him.. deeply apologizing for the text and how it had been sent to the wrong person. I was relieved, and replied with something along the lines of 'don't worry about it'.. and that was it. Not a big deal whatsoever. BUT to this day, ammon will tell me just how mortified he was when he saw that picture sent to me and not the person he meant to send it to. Honestly.. even in the text i remember thinking.. wow he is sooo embarrassed! So that was the end of that.

...Until... things started getting sort of awkward with my boyfriend at the time. I really wanted to tell him about my previous relationship with Ammon, because I felt like I was hiding things from him if I didn't, and obviously he deserved to know the details. Every time I would try to tell him about the past relationship, it would get so awkward and he would cut the conversation very short. I thought it was so strange. UNTIL, one day the boyfriend and I got in a argument to which he mumbled something about me texting ammon and something about the temple. I was SO confused. He then admitted to feeling insecure because he had read through my text messages and seen that ammon had sent me a picture of the temple! I immediately felt terrible, but at the same time i was trying so hard not to laugh. Well.. i failed and I busted up laughing! Yeah.. not the best way to handle the situation. When he originally saw the text he was so appalled, that he didn't think to read the next message that explained the misunderstanding. Seriously though.. how bad does that really look? It was even more awkward trying to explain the situation, while trying not to laugh, but secretly wanting to, while being mad he went through my messages..yeah not one of the easiest situation. BUT SO FUNNY. Thinking about it now seriously cracks me up!

Speed up time. The other day at work I was texting Ammon.. just like we normally do through out a days time. I had received a message from one of my male coworkers (happily married with kids might I add) that works out of the office. He had messaged me an insignificant message about a project I was working on. So i briefly skimmed the message and forgot about it. An hour or so later I decided to text ammon and thank him for  putting everything in the crock pot so dinner would be ready on time. The text said "Hey Babe! I am so sorry I won't be home until late, but thank you sooo much for getting dinner squared away for when everyone comes over! I love you soo much!"... as soon as I hit send.. i realized "SHIZZZZ i just sent that to Jared (my coworker)! Oh my gosh worst feeling ever. And there is NO way to cancel a message on an iphone so I just had to sit there and watch the little blue bar become more and more blue. It was awful! I was mortified and not quite sure what to do. He responded something kind and light hearted.. but even then I felt like the biggest idiot on the planet! And to make it even worse.. the next day his wife came in to 'visit the office'.... can you say awka awkard?!

Things like this seem to constantly be happening to me. I really need to monitor my messages before I click send cuz seriously I don't know how many times this has happened! Maybe an iphone isn't the best phone for me and my texting capabilities?

Have you ever sent a significantly important text to the wrong person? I want to hear about it! ... Or are Ammon and I the only ones that have done stuff like this before? Make me feel better about myself.. (please!) :)


  1. oh gosh, do i have a story for you. and i totally feel okay putting it out there because hey, we're older now and we're all friends. it was way back when karin and i were bffs. picture a group hang out with lyndi, jess, and maybe other people too? anyways, we were sitting in the car in front of jess' house trying to find something to do, but to no avail. i was fed up and ready to just go home. things were getting sort of heated and awkward anyways, so why not just get out of there right? why we were all peeved with each other... who even knows?? but we were. i texted jess (or so i thought) saying something about how fed up i was with karin and how i wished she would just take me home. guess who the text went to? yeah... karin. needless to say she took me home right then and there. thank goodness we all moved on right?!

  2. I know I've done this several times. But I usually catch myself. My old roommates name is right above they guy who i used to like in my phone, so he almost received SEVERAL texts about himself....whoops! :)

  3. I sent the most gushy, lovey-dovey text to my old YW leader instead of mike. Like, a few page long text. Soo embarrassing. Also, way funny about the temple! We all know that mortified feeling haha I swear everyone has mis-sent a text at least once or twice!


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