A vacation for the Zittings

The weekend in Newport with short explanations :)
Ammon and I on Balboa Island watching the 'Boat Parade' with my aunt and uncle. We LOVED Balboa Island and the fun beachy atmosphere of the little quaint island.

We were told we had to try the famous Balboa Bar..Obviously ammon was all over that idea.
I stuck with the Frozen chocolate covered banana.
We spent the next morning at the beach hanging out. It was cool cuz on these rocks there were little crabs, fish, and starfish. We had fun walking along the beach looking at all the 'little' beach houses... they are adorable, but scare me ever since i watched The Impossible. (for those who have seen it..you will understand). 

The main event! We were so excited when my uncle texted us last may to see if we could come down for the game. We were both sooo excited we couldnt hardly wait. It was my first MLB game, and not only that.. but my two favorite teams were playing each other!
My Uncle had a suite for the game.. it was amazing! Ammon was in heaven.. all the food he wanted and baseball all night? what could be better! (oh and duh I was there too, so obviously he was happy).
My favorite player on the Angels.. Mike Trout. Can you believe he is only.


  1. i've still never had a frozen chocolate covered banana. i feel like i'm missing out on life. the impossible! we bought that last weekend but chose to watch life of pi first. i have been dyyyying to see the impossible though, i hear amazing things.

  2. what a fun trip! i love balboa island, it is one of my favorite places. you guys look so cute, i love the black and white picture!


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