News and such

>Ammon got a 4.0 his first semester of Grad school. (he rocks)
>I got a new (second) job... My title is.. high school soccer coach at Desert Hills. SO excited.
>Ammon played in an all night softball tourney (stupid), but it was awesome watching him work his magic on the field. Seriously get butterflies every time.
>I changed positions at my full time job and now am working in sales. I can't decide if it was a promotion or a demotion. ;) haha
> We finally bought something with our million Crate&Barrel gift cards.. an awesome rug for our kitchen.
>We also made another semi-big purchase which is picture below. :)
> I got asked to speak in church.. from the bishop.. at the pulpit... in the middle of the meeting.
> Oh and I almost peed my pants in that moment.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...Life is good people.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

And on Friday it is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Maybe I should post some wedding pictures?

Our new toy :)
And a picture of my cute husby.. ;) This is my favorite expression he makes.... :) love that man o mine!


  1. Haley, you and your husband are the cutest! Love you blog :)

  2. That rug is amazing! I have the hardest time deciding on rugs. Also a huge congrats on your half! You are awesome for pushing through what sounds like a miserable couple hours.

  3. Cute Cute Cute. Everything. Rug. Laptop? Jealous.

  4. 4.0! and in grad school???? tell ammon congrats, thats amazing! soccer coach?!?! hay! that is perfect for you! stop it. he asked you to speak spur of the moment like that?! i am in loooove with that rug. and helllooo new mac! i've already decided that i'm going to keep my windows laptop & then when i get married we'll get a mac desktop. best of both worlds :]


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