Under Contract

Soo exciting news?.... Am and I are under contract for a house!! Whaaaaa?! I know right? Well our plan was always to save up for a few months and try to get in a house as soon as possible. Well... Luckily things have definitely worked out in our favor and we found the perfect house for us! It's out by Desert Hills high school in a brand new little subdivision that reminds me a lot of Daybreak up in the slc valley.

The house is still being built and it has been such a fun little process. Since we bought it before anything had been put in, we got to pick the paint, granite, bathroom stuff, etc. It's kinda scary picking all that stuff but it was soo fun! We went out this week to check up on things and the granite had FINALLY been installed and everything has been painted. We [should] close around Thanksgiving which will give us a week to move all our stuff over!

We are so excited to finally feel settled and at home. We can't wait to have room for visitors and feel soooooo blessed for the ability we have to buy! People! We have plenty of extra room so please come visit! ;)


  1. that is SO exciting!!! ahh i know just how you feel. picking out stuff was intimidating yet so much fun. congrats!!

    1. Seriously.. picking stuff is soooo hard!! I was flipping out about the paint color at first. Then, once it was painted i LOVED it. I can't wait to see the progress on your house! SO FUN!

  2. i am dying for you, seriously such exciting news! i haaaave to come visit once you get settled!

  3. I am so so excited for you guys!!! I love it! O my BEAUTIFUL!! That is so fun. I can't wait to come visit :)

  4. Okay that seriously is SO exciting!! I'm soo happy for you guys! That kitchen looks amazing!!! So fun!

  5. So exciting girl! It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  6. That is awesome Hayley!! It looks super good I am quite jealous...wish we had a house to call our own. But I do love it Congrats :)


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