The engagement...

Thursday afternoon Am and I were talking about what we wanted to do the next day. I was getting off work at 4, and he didn't have baseball practice.. Which obviously meant PARTAYY! He suggested we go on a hike or something, and well, a hike DID NOT sound appealing to me at all! So, i suggested we go feed the ducks at our favorite spot and just chat and catch up on life. (That sneaky boy of mine knew that is what i would want to do!)

So Friday, I got off work and immediately called Am. I explained to him that i needed to go home to change and paint my finger nails real quick. (I had become super paranoid that i would be proposed to when my nails looked like absolute crap.. so i was constantly painting and repainting.. my OCD kicked in a bit too). He told me that he would meet me at my house in awhile. And then he said "oh and just like.. wear some jeans and.. like a cute shirt or something" (ok i was so confused.. but went along with it) and then he said.."guess what just happened?... i got rear ended." hahaha i felt so bad for him! He had just finished filling out a police report and everything.

When he got to my house he was a little jittery. Of course i thought it was a little weird, but just figured it was because he had just gotten in a car accident. He kept saying things like.. "we are running out of daylight here babe.. HURRRYYY." While, secretly in my head i am thinking.. "k what the crap.. it is 4:30!" So we hurried out the door. And there, waiting in his car was a massive bouquet of pink and yellow roses. He explained that he felt bad that he hadnt done anything cute for me in awhile so he stopped and got me some flowers on the way over to my house. I have to admit i was getting a little suspicious around this time, but at the same time, Ammon always does cute stuff like that so i didnt think into it too much.

We arrived at our cute little duck pond, and out of the trunk he pulled two plastic bags full of treats. I began to realize that everything in the bag were my favorites.. Mambas, Licorice, Diet Coke, Jimmy Johns, Take 5, etc.. We sat down and began talking and catching up. (side note: at one point there was a duck that was venturing super close to the blanket.. Am shoo-ed (?) it away.. and i was so confused because we LOVE when the ducks come close!) At some point he handed me an envelope and told me to open it. I noticed that on the outside of the envelope it said 'past'.

As i began reading the letter inside, i immediately started tearing up. It talked about our past together which began over two and a half years ago.. you all dont know too much about.. but man there is A LOT of history there. When i was done, i went on to the next envelope.. which was labeled 'present' (are you sensing a theme?) This letter mostly talked about how far we have come and how lucky we are to be where we are. (like i said.. we have gone through A LOT of crazy things). And then, he handed me the last letter labeled 'future'. This letter was the shortest, and most simple. It had the last two versus of our song and a short paragraph about how excited he is for JULY 26th! and when i was finished he grabbed my hand, made me stand up, and asked me to marry him! I was crying, and kept telling him how i knew i would cry when he proposed! Somewhere amidst all the chaos, i said yes (he swears that i didnt actually say yes, but i KNOW i did) and then we proceeded with the whole lovey dovey kissy phase.

After all that.. i looked at Am and saw him waving like a crazy man.. i turned and looked behind me and out of a MASSIVE bush, climbed my two roommates with a way nice camera and a HUGE lens! He then explained that is why he didnt want the duck close.. because he didnt want it to ruin the pictures! haha hilarious! It was the best surprise everrr. I  have always wanted my proposal to be photographed, and having two of my best friends there to witness it all was just icing on the cake! We took a few pictures, and then they left us to spend time alone. We ate, and talked, and planned for the future. Then after about an hour we decided to begin making phone calls and sending text messages. That hour or so of being engaged and having no one know.. was seriously the best part of everything. I absolutely loved that time of just talking to my FIANCE and hanging out. It is something that i will never forget!

I am sooo grateful for those letters too. Everyone always told me to listen and try really hard to remember the things he said to me before he popped the question. People usually forget the sweet words of love expressed because they are sooo anxious and excited about what is to come. BUT for me, i have those sweet letters that explain everythinggg. I will forever have the letters that express his love and excitement to marry me---seriously it is so perfect!

I am so excited and thrilled to be marrying the man of my dreams on July 26th! We feel so blessed and humbled by all the loving support and the many congratulations that have come our way! Save the date people... It's gonna be a party!

(apologies in advance for the pics being in horrible alignment.. the new blogger is being dumb)

Reading my letters.. and the dang duck was moving in!
The knee 
Probably one of the few kissing pics you will everrr see on my blog

So surprised when i saw my roommates!

Still just in shock a little...
"Yeah that sooo just happened!!!!!"

My beautiful bouquet!
The supplies..

We both love my ring soo much!

I love that boy to pieces!

He did such a good job.. perfecty done just how i envisioned .. i love my ring!


  1. that ring is stunning and goodness, you are so beautiful! I love that outfit and your hair and your lovely face. you look so happy!

  2. so happy for you youre getting married on my birthday wahoo! your ring is gorgeous

  3. Yay!!! Couldn't be more happy for you girl!!!! Love this so much!!!!

  4. so so so so so so happy for you.
    i laughed at the running out of daylight part because derek tottttalllly did the same thing. he kept saying we were in such a hurry. and then i found out it was to beat the sun.
    love it.
    so happy for you!

  5. If I wasn't working I could have sniped the duck for you guys...You know I am pretty good at sniping animals from hidden locations.

  6. past, present & future. CUTEST THING EVERRRR! i also love that you waited an hour to tell people. a whole hour to just yourselves. it's sweet. gosh i am so happy for you hay!

  7. HALEY!! This is so sweet and wonderful. He really does seem just amazing. I love your ring, your story, and you! Congratulations beautiful girl!

  8. Love this so much Haley! So excited for you two! Ammon did such a good job! xo


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