Lovin my Utes!

For those of you that dont know... i am a HUGE Utah fan. I love the Utes. Ever since i can remember my family has been going to the Utah games. So when i decided to transfer to the U last fall.... joining the MUSS was an obvious decision. 
Now because the Utes have joined the PAC 12 the games are that much more important! Scottie and I scored with our Muss seats this year... and sneaking benjamin into our section is fun too.
heading to the airport to catch our flight to LA!
Ben and I were lucky enough to head to Cali for the USC game. Too bad our Utes lost! but it was sucha fun game and we were still way happy to go! Plus seeing the Andrizzi's was fun too!

USC's stadium can hold up to like 101,500 people..wayyyy over DOUBLE what Rice Eccles holds...
HOLY! can i just say that the Coliseum is INSANE! WAY HUGE. WAY TOO MANY USC FANS.
 We were also lucky enough to get BYU tickets in the MUSS section. Let's be honest... i dont even need to say much about that game... except it was sooo fun watching the cougs get 'jimmered'. hahahahahaha LOVE MY UTES
 How sad is that really though? i mean we left when the score was like this... add in two more touchdowns? Seriously. I feel bad for those cougars........

Next weekend is the homecoming game. I can't wait! i actually think i am going to the game with my new sorority sisters... but ohhhhhh i havent even told you about them yet! Have no fear.. that post will be coming soon. :) GOOO UTES!

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  1. That BYU game was so sad for my husband and me! But we'll be on to victory again soon. :)

    ~ Angela


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