A creeper that's creepin

Yesterday i got this random gem:

whoever it is emailing me is definitely a nice person.. but ok...? Really people? Am i the ONLY one that thinks this is a little weird? Does she really think i am going to give her his number? even if we weren't together? hahah people these days and their social network creepin. 

By the way.. the weirdest part of this whole thing.. i never even use the email that it was sent to. It's not attached to my facebook, or blog. I never send emails to anyone from that email. The only time i ever even used that email was to email ben on sunday nights while he was gone.  So i have NO idea how she got my email. And i have NO idea who Bella is. Perfect right? Anyway i'll keep you posted on my cute new virtual friend. 


  1. Creepy!!! Seriously, that is disturbing. I hope there is no connection with Bella from twilight? Who is she? Weird...I hope everything is going well with Ben! Miss you cute girl!

  2. woah! that is so weird!! you best be watchin your back haha

  3. when i saw that on instagram i about died. weirdest/funniest/creepiest thing everrrr. and the name bella? is that real even?

  4. Ummm that is seriously so weird! Why would someone think that's appropriate? I don't blame you for not giving the phone number!



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