week of events

Last week was absolutely crazy! And his week is going to be even worse... but a good worse of course! Things are just busy. i feel like i have sooo much to update you on.

First off.. things with benjamin are so great. It is almost like he was never gone. I would have never expected it to be like that and thinking about how normal things are kinda weirds me out, but hey i am definitely not complaining. He is finally feeling better and isn't as sick anymore, so we have been able to do some fun things.

Thursday Mike and McKinzy got married. Ben was a groomsman--mike and him have been friends since they were tiny little guys. The bridal party was asked to learn a specific line dance to preform at the reception so of course, Benny and i were up late trying to learn the dance the night before the wedding. So funny. The wedding was so fun and unique. i LOVED it. I dont have a picture of the happy couple but just trust me on this one.. they looked fabulous and superrrr happy.
Just leaving the wedding with my handsome groomsman

Friday i had the much anticipated final Omega Retreat. We officers had put a lot of work into this weekend get away and everything turned out amazingly. It was so fun catching up with my fellow "O gals", relax, and party. Omega retreats are always filled with tons of food, games, music video making, and gossiping (only the good gossip of course). It was seriously a blast! We had already decided on our theme and designed our t-shirts for next year... so deciding what to spending our budget on was a no brainer! the theme?...."Just Do It"..  with the three ideals incorporated we thought...just do service, just do sisterhood, just do omega. I dunno it was going to be soo cute but i am really glad we still ended up doing our shirts for the year! The back of the shirt is my favorite and i didnt even get a picture of it! booo.
the cabin was decorated with all our cute Omega stuff... 

Some of the girls just before we went on our sunset walk

The whole crew besides our sweet advisor 

Scottie and i throwin up some cheers for OMEGA

The O girls in our cute shirts
 Saturday was also a busy day! My dear childhood friend Lindsey got married... [a beta girl of course, and she looked beautiful ps].. and i guest played in an indoor soccer game. PLUS it was Draper Days. Which means.. fireworks, lots of scantily dressed high schoolers, games, music, friends, food, and too many people crammed into a small area. Ben and i went together and met up with lots of our close friends. It was a fun night and we both went home exhausted.
sometimes we do the same faces on accident

Draper dayss 

Sunday was the day we have all been waiting for! Not only was it the world cup finals [which by the way sucked massively].. but it was also ben's homecoming. He did such a great job and i loved hearing him talk so dearly about his mission. He summed up the day pretty well when he whispered to me.. "Homecomings are just a whole lot better than farewells." I have to say, i couldn't agree more!

well this is the best i can do.. our pics from the homecoming didnt turn out great....

Well that sums up my life in the last week.. this week we have a possible boating trip, a quick vaca to st geez for Jacie's wedding, and the DERBY in Park city with Carson's family. I can't even waittttttttt

peace n blessingsssssss


  1. oh my hay that theme is adorable. i love the just do service, just do sisterhood, just do omega. genius really. and the shirts! sooo cute! gosh, reading this makes me sad all over again. i really wish it wasn't over. i love seeing new pictures of you & ben. makes me so so happy for you two.

  2. Hi Haley:

    WE just got back from Germany. No matter what the outcome, it was fantastic. We loved it.

    I loved catching up on your blog and I am so glad things are going great for you. Your retreat looked like so much fun. Great Shirts.

    I heard Ben's Homecoming was fantastic. You guys look adorable and I am happy you don't have to spend your sunday nights writing any more. You are right, it's way better to have the ones we love with us rather than away! Take Care QT!



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