The Scoop

Well its true.. benjamin is back. and greater than ever. Monday he got home from Orlando where he had been vacationing with his family for the past week. His mother had texted me and told me that he wanted me at the airport and that i had better be at the bottom of the escalators around 8pm. I got ready and decided to wear a new Lauren Conrad brand shirt (of course).. that my mom had bought me while i was on the other side of the world. I rode to the airport with Carson (ben's brother from another mother), his girlfriend Heather, and his parents- Scott and Wendy.  Honestly i wasnt too anxious or nervous that whole day. I was so excited and could hardly wait to see him. Once i got to the airport though, everything changed. i was nervous and unsure about how everything was going to work out. It didn't last long once i came to grips with what was actually going to happen! i mean... it was a happy day! there was no need to be worried. Some of his extended family showed up to surprise him as he came off the plane and so that eased my nerves a bit too.
The first hug :)
There he came.. the last one down the elevator in his cute white shirt and tie.. His family started screaming and jumping up and down. I dont even really remember what my reaction was.. all i know is that i couldn't stop smiling! after hello's to all his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, he came walking over to our small little group. I was somewhat relieved when Carson jumped out first to give him a big hug, which then led mike to offer up the next. All while i was just standing there grinning from ear to ear in complete shock that i was starring at my dear elder woolf. After hugging mike he gave me possibly the best hug in the world! Wrapped me up and just held on tight. i didnt even know how to react. I just know i couldnt stop smiling. We sat there for a long time... (at least it seemed like it.. and i can't say that i minded) and then he let go and went and said hi to carson's family. It was sort of chaos from then on out but eventually things calmed down and we left the airport. i rode with his family up to his house, where all of us met back up and hung out until later. He was so stinkin cute and i was on cloud nine all night. Yesterday morning i had to make sure it wasn't a dream when i woke up.. it was the weirdest feeling everrrr.

Mike's fiance Makinzy, Mike, Haley, Ben, Carson, Heather
Anyway he got officially released yesterday morning and last night we went on a little date to Rio and a movie. It is indescribable the way it feels to be with him again. I can't even begin to say how happy it makes me. I am constantly a giddy little school girl! Life is the best with my boy next to my side! :)


  1. Love this post, love you, love ben, love you & ben!!! So happy for you girl!

  2. is it normal for someone to have butterflies for someone else. totally just happened. goodness i'm so happy for you right now!

  3. This is so cute! I absolutely love it!!

  4. Okay i'm with Kylee I totally got butterflies. I'm going to have to live my life vicariously through you! I couldn't stop smiling while reading this! I'm SO SO SO happy for you Haley!

  5. I am so happy he is home!! You made it! Thanks for being such a good example to me, now I know people really do make it! Let your love story continue on!! (:


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