he's home!!!

The story will come shortly cuz i am just too tired tonight.

 but just know...

i am on cloud nine :)


  1. ahhhhh! congrats!!!

  2. AHHHH! I'm freaking out for you!! :) haha I can only imagine what it feels like! :) You two are freaking ADORABLE. Perfect. Sooo stinkin' happy for you, Haley! :)

  3. yessss! so excited for you hay. cannot wait to hear the full story!

  4. oh I am so envious girly ! I have three months left.

    oh & i Got your blog off of missionary girls on FB. Thought I'd follow(:

    follow me at http://yellowbirdserendipity.blogspot.com/

    I hope everything is going great !

  5. HAY!!!! :) you two are beaming! so deserve each other! and are making me love my mister even more! so, i have nervous butterflies right now from reading about your reunion! haha because i was a cASE when i was going to see Elder Mecham. ohhhhh i just am BEYOND thrilled for you two!!! matthew and i are cheerin' this one on all the way baby :D :D


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