Last Days at Dixie..

Well i am officially home for the summer! It is definitely weird not being in St. George anymore and the thought that i probably will never live there again is depressing! But, i do have to say that the last weeks in Dixie were the greatest. We did so many fun things and there are too many pictures to post them all!

There is the coolest rock water slide in Leeds that my roommates and i love to go to. The water is freezing, but it is definitely worth the experience.

Alex, Ammon, Whit, Min, Hay

Poor whit was a gimp so we made a human chain to help her get up the waterfall! So funny.

As a group of friends we all went camping! what a fun and memorable night! We roasted marshmallows, hotdogs and sat around the campfire! It got super windy and cold that night though so we ended up bailing at like 6 in the morning. I am pretty sure i got zero sleep that night! fabulous.

Alex and i are hunting buddies. We went rabbit hunting a few times and Alex taught me how to snipe a bird off a cactus. Some of the funniest times were with alex while hunting!

Well Dixie.. Farewell for now!! sad day but you will always have a place in my heart!


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