What is this job all about?

Since starting my job at Young Living i have gotten asked over and over again what exactly I do at my job. And since i have so many cool places i have gone and things I have been able to do in my short time here.. i figure i better explain.

Young Living (or YL) is an essential oil company. It is also a network marketing company. Meaning, a multilevel marketing, or pyramid type company. If you want to buy their products, you can sign up as a YL member and get discounts, while also giving yourself the ability to sell or distribute the products. Many members choose to build a business selling YL products and are veryyy successful. We are talking like 50k-200k a month. yes. you read that right. PER MONTH. So, basically what happens is there are tonz of people that sign up to be a member. When an area in the country is growing very rapidly (meaning a lot of sign ups).. thats what we call an Area of Growth.  So then, the corporate office says "we need to host a training meeting there". And that is where I step in.

Every month I go 'on the road' for one week. Typically, I leave Monday morning or sunday night, and I come home on Friday morning. During this week, I travel to 3-4 cities around the nation and present an 'Intro Meeting'. We fly out every morning, land, get ready for the meeting, give the meeting, go to bed late, and do it all over again the next day. This meeting is something that I, along with a few coworkers, have put together that teaches people about YL, essential oils, how to use them, and some of our popular and new products. These meetings last around an hour and a half to two hours. And yes.. I am talking for that whole time. :) I have a powerpoint that I use to guide my presentation, and then we just go for it! Usually anywhere from 50-500 people attend these meetings and they are simply a way for people to learn about young living and essential oils in general. Long story short.. I am a public speaker... but it is so much more than that. I get to interact with individuals nationwide and i get to hear testimonials of how these products have literally changed people's lives for the better. IT IS SO REWARDING. I really love what i do!!!! I am one of the few corporate employees who gets to go out and meet our members. Not only is talking with these people rewarding, but it is also very fulfilling knowing that i work for a company that is impacting so many people around the world!

Since march i have been able to go to Seattle, california, new mexico, oklahoma, tennesee, kansas, colorado, new jersey, new york, massachesetts, west virginia, pennsylvania, and ohio. Being on the road is like a balancing act. I am exhausted, but love what i do. I miss ammon, but the time away makes my heart even more fond of that man. :) The meetings are a little stressful and i always get a little nervous, but like i said, it is so rewarding! :) I feel so blessed to be a part of this company and i truly believe i have the best job ever!

Anchorage Alaska! So pretty. One of my favorite places i have been
The top of Flat Top Hike
Convention Gala night. So fun getting all fancy!
YL hired Train to preform a private concert for the members at convention!
My lovely coworkers who I LOVE so much
Umm how amazing is this MASSIVE picture of the YL Lavender farms in Mona Utah? This was at Convention too
These are some of the amazing people i get to present with on special occasion!
Me and Haley at a Nitro event in New Jersey
...... and this is why i wear heels. and stand on stage.
27lb brick of solid gold. Pretty sweet!!


  1. okay you are amazing! I cannot imagine speaking publicly to that many people! Also, your gala dress.... BEAUTIFUL!!!! can I ask where it's from!?

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you! :) I actually got it at Dillards on sale! The back is sooo amazing! should have taken a picture of it. :)


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