Well it's official. Our cute little St George house is finally sold. If you remember, it went under contract back in January! WHAT?!!! Well after a series of unfortunate events.. (our loan company sold our loan mid process, then our buyers no longer qualified with the new company)... the house went back on the market in mid march. After a few offers that just didn't feel right, we finally accepted an offer at the beginning of June. It was such a relief! Let me tell you... making a mortgage payment AND paying rent (our new apt) that is just as much if not more than our mortgage.. is NOT fun. Somehow though, Ammon and I were able to do if for 6 months with out having to break into our emergency savings account.

I will be honest, for so long I just could not wait to get this house off our hands. It was a pain in the butt making two payments and not knowing what the future would hold with that house. But then, all of a sudden when I went to sign the papers to SELL the dang thing.. it was SO hard. It seemed like every memory of that house went flying through my mind. Not to mention it was Ammon and I's first big purchase as a couple. Then, to make matters worse.. Ammon and I stopped by to visit the house before it officially sold.. and my heart seriously ACHED. I LOVED that little house. It was perfect for us. We loved our neighborhood, our ward, and I just COULDN'T wait to raise our first children there. We had plenty of room to grow into the house.. and boy we had planned on doing so. I imagined one of the spare bedrooms filled with a crib and rocker, i imagined a toddler taking their first steps in the kitchen. It was perfect.

So as you can imagine, signing my name on that little line was so bittersweet. Sweet because finallyyyy Ammon and I can start working towards some of our financial goals we set this year. Bitter because I just loved that house so much that it is so hard knowing it's not ours anymore. But that being said, I am so grateful that Ammon and I had the ability to sell the house and that we could make some money off of it too. I am mostly grateful for the memories we had there and the wonderful people we were able to meet. I can't think about it too long or else I will start tearing up again!

BYE BYE Barcelona Road #85. We will miss you SO much.

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