Mi casa es su casa

Welp the house is finally coming together. In one short week our house went from this:

To this:

ignore the vacuum.
I just wish I could say the same thing about our room! BOXES. EVERYWHERE.

Obviously first things were first.. the tree had to go up. So.. with our house a jumbled mess, we unpacked the tree and up she went! I love the feeling of Christmas, and I love the cute ornaments my mother got us! Can't wait to get more next year.

Guys. I love or house. It is so perfect. Things are still messy, but gradually getting put away.  Eventually I will dare putting holes in the walls.. but for now, I just want everything organized. We went to church on Sunday and we felt soo welcomed. We had more people come talk to us than we EVER did in our last ward. We have been told that our ward has 4 nursery's... OK what!? and after sacrament we realized how.. It was literally a MAD dash to primary. I cannot even tell you how blessed and grateful we feel to be living in such a great area! Now we just need some visitors.


  1. Girl! It looks like perfection! And your kitchen is stunning. So excited for you!

  2. i am dying over your house right now, SO CUTE haley!


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