It always surprises me how quickly and drastically things can change in our lives. I made our first family Christmas card right before christmas.. and little did I know pretty much all the information on it would expire on Christmas Eve. The back of the Christmas card is below, the front had or picture and a some christmasy words.... this isnt the final version.. but it didnt change too much after this.. i think i only added a border and maybe fixed typos :)
(i have been doing some random design projects on the side so if you ever need anything done let me know.. i'd love to help.)

Well... the story is pretty crazy. Ammon and I have always wanted to make it back up to the salt lake valley at some point in our lives together. We loved st. George, our house, our ward, our jobs, etc.. but eventually we really wanted to raise our kids up 'north'. Not that there was anything wrong with raising or family in stg, but we know there are more opportunities up in Salt Lake. We never thought it was in the plan to leave any time soon.

Randomly one day a friend of mine from my Dixie days posted that her company was looking to hire a new Global Trainer. Coincidentally I had looked at applying for this job numerous times and had read lots of reviews on the company as a whole.. I wrote my friend for information and she had me send in my resume. I figured it would be good to make contacts in case ammon and I ever did end up moving to SLC.. But i never wanted to move our family for MY job. I am not planning on working forever, and I didnt want that pressure of moving for myself. So basically i applied on wednesday night, got called for an interview on Thursday, and drove up for my interview on Friday. The interview went well but I really didnt think much of it. That afternoon on my way back to st george.. i got a call for a second interview.. but this time i was supposed to come prepared to give a 10-30 minute presentation in front of a panel. NERVE WRACKING.

The next week I headed back up to Lehi and gave my short but sweet presentation. I told ammon that I didnt think it went that well and that I did not think i was that impressive. So that whole weekend we didnt even talk about the possibility of getting the job and sort of just forgot the whole thing even happened. Monday morning rolls around and I got a call from Young Living saying that they loved my presentation and wanted to offer me the presentation.. TALK ABOUT CRAZY. I was at work at the time, so i called ammon bawling.. a little shell shocked, and sure enough we knew we had a big decision to make. Young living wanted to know my decision by the end of the day so ammon and I were a little pressed for time. I immediately talked to my bosses at Ydraw to see what my options were for staying there.. ie getting a raise.. new positions etc.. and as soon as I walked out of my meeting with them I knew that staying with Ydraw was no longer an option. Everything in the meeting was so unsettling and NOT reassuring in any way. Ammon and I met up for lunch and to my relief, he had been having the feeling that we needed to take the job as well.

 So I called and accepted the position on December 23. On Christmas eve we went up to SLC, and on the 26th we started our apartment search. On the 28th we signed a lease for the apartment, on the 2nd of January we put our house up for sale, on the 11th we accepted an offer.. and on the 13th I officially moved up to Sandy until we could move into our apartment! What a crazy few weeks it was! Ammon moved up on the 19th, and started his job on the 21. It was absolute madness how quickly things fell into place, but I am so grateful for this new adventure and opportunity we have been blessed with! :) I was SOO sad to sell our house, but i have come to grips with it and i am so happy to be in LEHI!.. soon enough we will buy our next house but honestly i am happy with our cute little apartment. 

Obviously i hadnt done much with our room yet ;)


  1. So crazy Hay, but what an awesome opportunity!! Congrats on the job and for everything falling into place! Lets get together soon now that you're in Happy Valley!!

  2. Your house is so cute though! I love it!


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