update via iphone pics

I officially decided that i HATE the eye doctor. new glasses are in the works. ohh yeah.
Sundays spent at the park [after church of course] with these girls might be my favorite thing ever. 
 a night on the town with my sister, my besties, and her besties? classic. it works out perfectly seeming sissy's best friend is my best friends little sister. Match made in heaven i do believe.

Hello GREEN DARS!!!!!!!! =Hello last semester of college!!!!!!!!!!!

 How great is the temple?

 Such wise words that have come to be my favorite. the hardest thing is usually what is right.

Best news ever. I didnt even know there was such a thing as the Deans List? hahah sorry but i am proud!

 Whit making fun of my mom's shake weight. Guys. No joke. that thing works magic.

 How gorgeous is that sunset?

 Visiting my cute boy at workkkk (i made him pose and he was sooo embarrassed)

 So ashamed that i made the conversion. From Life Centre employee to Golds Gym member? yeah gross. and whats even more disgusting is actually goingggg to the gym. That place is a meat market that i dont want anything to do with! but a girl's got to stay in shape somehow right?!

Text messages/calls from daddy are the best thing ever.  i thought this was the most adorable picture ever for some reason, and for the first time in a reallyyyy long time, i wished that i could be ice fishing with them in the freezing weather.


  1. st george temple is one of my favorites! and i love your blog!

  2. "visiting YOUR boy at work" update me hay! and what is this that i hear about you moving?! how did i have no idea?!

  3. Love you Hay! So glad to see you happy! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks! Xoxo

  4. What do you mean "your boy" please do not tell me you are
    back with AM What happened to Ben? You two are so perfect

  5. Katie.. i appreciate your comment.. but hahah you obviously have no idea about my life or the people in it. While yes, to some the relationship i had with Ben may have seemed perfect.. it was far from it. Ben is a great guy and it is hard to lose someone i have been close to for so long, but sometimes things arent what we think they are. Ammon brings out the best in me and is so amazing. He makes me really happy. Don't be too quick to judge next time.. and please dont criticize me for doing what i feel is right. ps do i even know you?

  6. haha Haley you are such a doll!! You crack me up everytime I read your blog! Quick question... Are you back in the St. G???

  7. Haley! I am so glad you are happy! Have you noticed that Ammon looks a LOOOOT like your Dad?? Especially in these pictures!! It's so weird, I thought for a minute that picture of your Dad was Ammon.
    Love ya girly!


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