BIG News.. and i mean BIG!!!

Alright i seriously have been planning on updating this dang thing for awhile now.. but the problem is.. my life hasn't been all that exciting as of late. I am down at dixie doing the whole school thing and in the process i am looking for a job. Yeahhhh not having the best of luck!

But i do have some very exciting news! I will be traveling to AFRICA this summer! ahhh how cool is that? On June 17 i will be leaving and flying to Kenya and i will be there for about 3 and a half weeks. Originally i wanted to stay for longer, but i think that amount of time will be just perfect. I cant tell you how excited i am! Ever since i was little i have always wanted to go to Africa and the timing for this trip is perfect. It will give me some time to figure out what i want to do with my life and hopefully i will gain some personal insight while i am there. I am still doing my research on different groups and organizations that go to Africa for service missions, but as of now, i am officially a member of the Reach the Children team. So if any of you know of any humanitarian services that travel to africa.. let me know :)
Here's the link of the organization i am considering case ya wanna check it out!

It will actually be kind of cool cuz the 'expedition' i am going on will be accompanied by a professional camera crew! ahhhh i am counting down the days until i am outta St. George and on my way to AFRICA!!!

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